Dear friends of the fire brigade and its history, please support our civic association by remittance of 2% of income taxes for 2019. In the tax reminder statement, please state as the recipient the Voluntary Fire Brigade BOZPO, Ciglianska cesta 2767 / 3C, 971 01 Prievidza , ID 50642626

Even your 2% of taxes can help with:

  • creating fun events for your children – such as MDD
  • organizing firefighting competitions
  • spreading awareness how to act in dangerous situations endangering the health and property of people – e.g. fires, floods, evacuation, rescue, etc.

Download form:

You can fill in the statement online by clicking on the link above and then download the pdf document.


Ask your employer to issue you with a Tax Confirmation Form. From this Confirmation, you will find out the date of payment of the tax and calculate 2% of your paid tax. However, this amount must be at least € 3. Then you need to fill in the Declaration (you can download it above). If you want to inform us that you have sent us your 2%, check the appropriate consent to the sending of your data in the Declaration – however, this information is not mandatory. Both forms (Declaration together with the Confirmation) should be delivered to the tax office according to your residence by 30.04.2020. (Determination of local affiliation to the tax office.)